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WIRES Wish List

If you would like to donate goods to WIRES we are always looking for new supplies and equipment to help with our wildlife rescue and care.

We have 27 Branches around NSW and our annual rescue calls volumes have been increasing rapidly over the last decade. We take tens of thousands of calls a year to help native animals and we are always in need of more supplies and equipment.

Items needed

Anything you can help with from our Wish List will make a big difference to our volunteers and the numbers of animals we can assist:

We are also extremely appreciative of items we can give away to our volunteers or auction at fundraising events e.g. movie tickets, event tickets, hotel or resort stays, spa treatments or passes to attractions.

Used Items

With some items e.g. aviaries, cages and towels we are happy to take used items as well as new. However, all used items must be of good quality and very clean for our volunteers to be able to use them for the wildlife in their care. Used towels must also have no loose threads as the animals can get caught in them. If you have used items you would like to donate, please send in photos and details, including dimensions, quantities, pick up location etc. to support@wires.org.au.

Shade Cloth

WIRES volunteers use shade cloth to line their rescue carriers, cages and aviaries, make shade structures in enclosures for fauna in care, make soft release areas and make stretchers so volunteers can safely move larger fauna. Shade cloth is used to protect feathers and beaks from damage when birds and raptors need to be transported or cared for in cages and aviaries. It provides shelter when there are not enough trees or shrubs and it’s used to line fences around pre-release enclosures to reduce injury when young fauna in care flee in fright. Shade cloth is also used to make nets suitable for catching some fauna, used to herd some fauna into corners to enable their rescue and it reduces visibility for the fauna so they are less stressed when in care.

Donating & Questions

If you can help with any of the items on our Wish List, or you have any questions, please fill in the form below.

If you want to donate equipment e.g. carriers, cages and enclosures, please email dimensions and photos through to support@wires.org.au.

How funds are used

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Our Donor Charter

  • We are committed to improving outcomes for native animals
  • We act with integrity and use donations wisely
  • We value your feedback and respect your privacy

Donations to WIRES are used to:

  • Improve our capability to rescue and care for more animals
  • Operate our Wildlife Rescue Office 365 days a year
  • Subsidise food costs for wildlife in care
  • Provide community wildlife information and education
  • Provide wildlife training courses for volunteers and the community
  • Support our volunteers
  • Grow our service so that we can help wildlife for generations to come

Security Guarantee:

We take your security seriously and all transactions are encrypted and processed on a secure server, so you can submit your credit card details here with confidence.

Did you know that WIRES...

  • Receives tens of thousands of calls each year to help sick, injured and orphaned native animals.
  • Trains hundreds of people in wildlife rescue and care every year and has 2500 volunteers
  • Has been serving wildlife and the community for almost 30 years
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