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Pouches-for orphaned joeys

When juvenile kangaroos or wallabies come into care they need to be kept warm and quiet. WIRES carers are always in need of suitable pouches. The pouches are used for many different animals, at many stages of their development. Some are required for the tiny furless joeys and some for the larger joeys. This means various sized pouches are always useful. Many people, who would like to help our wildlife but are unable to commit to animal rescue or care, can help by making pouches and/or linings.


Wool: 8 ply pure wool (we are unable to use pouches made from synthetic materials)

Knitting: Pouches should be knitted in plain (garter) stitch both sides

Needles: Size 8 needles (old UK size) or 4mm metric UK size needles

1. 40cm wide x 60cm long when finished (after sewing together),
2. 50cm wide x 70cm long when finished (after sewing together)

Closed on the two longer sides and one end, and left open at the top.


Material: Pure cotton or flannelette, washable material only

1. 40cm wide x 60cm long (after sewing together)
2. 50cm wide x 70cm long (after sewing together)

The lining should not be attached to the pouch as it will need to be changed regularly. We generally require many more linings than pouches to allow washing and regular changes. The lining should be closed on three sides and open at the top.

Other Sized Pouches

Other sized pouches are also gratefully received. Crocheted pouches are also accepted, however a tight crochet stitch is preferred for warmth. 

There is no one perfect size, these dimensions provide a guide. Finished pouches can be posted to:

PO Box 7276
Warringah Mall  NSW  2100


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